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I’ve experienced a virtual rollercoaster of emotions reading your book… At times your vivid descriptions provoke a sense of deep warmth, smiles, laughter…. But reading other parts… bring back tears and long suppressed feelings of anger and outrage towards the evil of it all. It surprises me at times how strongly those memories still affect me after all these years.
Buck Deines, RPCV Guatemala, Held executive roles with Medical Teams International, World Concern and Food for the Hungry.




19 September - 2019
Amy Nicohols will be discussing plot and character. We meet at Workuity 2390 E ...


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Mr. Walker is a seasoned development leader fluent in Spanish and English and dedicated to promoting international collaboration amongst organizations...


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1971 - 2016
"A life journey filled with adventures, fascinating people, and remarkable achievements to help build a better world"




“Author of various articles and book reviews in English and Spanish”


 What People Are Saying About My Book?
  • " It is an engaging story of one man's physical and spiritual journey of self-discovery through latin American, African, European, and Asian topography, cusine, politics, and history. Informative, compelling, impressively candid. "

    Midwest Review

  • " It's one of the best RPCV memoirs I've read, and I've had the opportunity to read dozens in my years at NPCA. Mark's vivid reflection of his time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala reminded me of my own enthusiasm and eagerness to make a difference in the world, and a career launched by serving in the Peace Corps. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers will surely see themselves in his experiences, but all will benefit from his perceptive recollections and astute observations of living and working in Guatemala. It’s one of the best RPCV memoirs I’ve read (and I have gone through quite a few). "

    Glenn Blumhorst

  • " He is searching day and night for truth, learning and meaning.” wrote Hubert Smith, chancellor of the Law-Science Academy of 20-year old Mark Walker. And through this book it is obvious that he never stopped. Walker finds the humanity in all of us, from ranchers in rural Colorado, farmers in the throes of civil war in Guatemala, to peoples around the world where the ripple effects of Walker’s work continue to be felt. An inspiring read for those of us who want to get to work in the world community. "

    Alana DeJoseph

  • " Mark's socio-political overview of the multi-decade cultural and civil war in Guatemala is both insightful and accurate, and a timely primer on human rights injustices and their insidious perpetration by authoritarian rulers the world over. It is a lesson we should all be studying as we prepare to address the possibility of such changes in our own countries and communities. "

    Ellen Urbani Hiltebrand

  • " Mark Walker recounts a delightful life journey filled with adventures, fascinating people, and remarkable achievements to help build a better world. Like many of us, the Peace Corps was a life-changing experience that shaped his values and launched a search for life’s larger truths. Along the way, he discovered multiple truths and he shares them with us in this marvelous book. "

    Charles F. “Chic” Dambach