Newsletter: July 2019

This has been an eventful month with two new articles, a presentation at the Phoenix Writers Club and participation in the Peace Corps Connect Conference at the University of Texas in Austin. My trip to Austin was complicated by my driver’s license having expired, (we get it for five years in Arizona and they don’t let you know when it expires…) so I spent over an hour at Sky Harbor International Airport getting patted down and everything in my luggage getting checked for drugs – and it was worse on the way back! On Sunday morning in Austin, the lines were endless at 5:30 a.m. – I barely made it onto my flight after all the checking. When I finally made it home I asked myself, where is that passport card (which is better than using a license anyway) and found it in my carry-on bag. I had been holding it during this entire ordeal, in a nice hidden pocket where it was supposed to be….this might be the next edition in my “Yin & Yang of Travel” series—dumb things we do on the road… Read the newsletter . . .

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