May 22

Town Of Angels By Jody Sharpe

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This inspirational book proves the power of the human spirit to move on despite incredible tragedy and personal loss. The author’s daughter, Kate, was killed in a tragic accident and then her husband died, and during a difficult period where many would have succumbed to despair, she had a dream in which a voice told her to read “Charlotte’s Web,” by E.V. White, which is a children’s book. Initially she didn’t know why she should read it until the last line of the book revealed that, “Nobody would take the place of Charlotte in the heart of Wilbur.” This thought helped the author go on and honor her beloved daughter, and her husband, and inspired the “Mystic Bay” series. Through this experience the author believes that angels are in our midst and guide our lives. In this story a bully, Klaus Waxman, comes to town, Angel Ken Leighton, a storeowner, must convince his flock of humans not to succumb to his efforts to mock the sightings of resident angels. Angel Ken guides psychic Justine Greer and her family to thwart his efforts. With the help of the oldest, most revered psychic in town, Madam Norma, the bully is miraculously transformed. The author provides vivid descriptions of the angels and the world they live in: Angels living on earth have lots of work to do, but tonight when we fly, we will see cascading stars and picture perfect milky moonlight. For flying fills us with the love of Earth and the beautiful people we care for…. Here’s an exchange between Angel Ken and the psychic Madam Norma: …They (angels) are so beautiful, each one different from the next. Their wings are a variety of silver, gold and all the colors of the rainbow. They shine at night; they glow with halos around their heads. That is all I can tell you….” Pet owners will appreciate the special place dogs play in Mystic Bay: “Of course, the old dog sees us. Dogs always do.” In one episode, angels pick up a small dog hit by a car which, “…seems to know I’m there to help. I send her angel wind to calm her. Barty licks the wounded dog, then sits beside her….I know in my angel heart that the dog we found tonight will come to live with us…” In a postscript the author sums up the meaning of this book to her: Angels give me inspiration in my daydreams and dreams. I am sure of this, for heaven sent this story for me to write. It’s a story of love, joy, forgiveness, hope and kindness. I believe kindness is the truest expression of love.” The book’s characters are bright and well developed and the stories in Mystic Bay move the reader through this spiritual journey with guidance from angels. The images and fascinating stories behind the Mystic Bay series would certainly be worthy of a screenplay to further bring this saga of spiritual awakening to life.

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