Services - Case Statement Development and Capacity Building Initiatives

Over the years Fund Development Innovations has focused on smaller groups which are unable to implement fundraising recommendations we make due to a lack of resources. In many cases these organizations are so used to doing everything with minimal resources they forget what they could accomplish if they had a minimal level of support to enhance their impact on those they want to help.

Also many of the founders of these smaller charities have good relationships with very influential and wealthy individuals, but because they don’t have a long term plan and have been receiving the same amount each year, they don’t take advantage of the additional support these individuals represent.

For a potential major donor to consider a special “breakthrough” gift, these smaller groups must define their plan and articulate the founder and/or board’s vision for the future. The Case is based on a Strategic Plan and focuses on the future. The Case for Support lays out all the reasons available to persuade top prospective donors to make a major investment on the group. It will represent the basis for all campaign materials.

An important component to build into a Case is the Capacity Building plan, which explains what an organization needs in order to grow and become self-sufficient, and most importantly, to increase the impact it has in the field. The plan would include governance and board development support as well as staffing needs, fundraising, marketing strategies and IT needs. Going through the process of developing a compelling Case with a Capacity Building component allows organization leaders to approach their key donors and partners to suggest major, multi-year support for the future.


Designed Hagar’s Strategic Plan, which led to a Capacity Building Plan and a list of key potential funders

Developed the Case Statement and Capacity Building Plan for Bridges to Common Ground, which led to an initial $75,000 three-year match from a donor prospect.

Developed a Case Statement and Capacity Building Plan for Without Permission, which allowed them to begin approaching some of the top leaders and philanthropists in the community to support their growth initiative.