Services - Foundation Giving

Successful grant writing is so much more than completing application forms and submitting proposals. Mark believes in the strong relationship between major donor and foundation fundraising. More sophisticated donors want to know you’ve done your research, that you know the rules and that you’re sensitive to their interests and concerns. They also want to know who they’re dealing with before developing a strong partnership making personal contact and relationship building a key to success.

Many years in the development field has allowed Mark to tap into an extensive network of contacts who have dealt directly with many of the foundation staff and board members. These contacts can provide important insights on who to deal with and how to position the organization in such a way as to maximize the possibilities to receive funding.

Foundation giving has been growing despite the poor economy although so has the number of charities actively pursuing those funds. One of the greatest opportunities for foundation giving and one of the fastest growing income sources include family foundations. Family Foundations are similar to major donors in that little or no staff stand between you and the decision maker so connecting with the key decision makes is important and similar to the process of major donor fund raising. Also many of the materials and strategies you develop for family foundations can also be used for your major donor work.

At FDI we offer a full spectrum of services including identifying potential foundation funders, qualifying and rating them as well as selecting those with the greatest potential. We can complete the forms and applications, develop the “Concept Papers” and write proposals which meet the needs and interests of specific foundation donors as well as develop the basic business rules and procedures which allow the organizations staff the basis on which to manage and develop the program in the future.


Strengthened the foundation program at the Namaste Foundation through researching 70 potential funders, rating and developing a work plan for the top 15 foundations. Mark wrote a “Concept Paper” and helped develop the proposals.

Set up the foundation giving program at the Make A Wish Foundation which included identifying the top potential funders, submitting the proposals and leaving the organization with the systems and procedures for future foundation fund raising.

Activated the giving with a major foundation at MAP International by bringing in an overseas field staff person and a board member which led to a successful grant and eventually an unsolicited $50,000 gift.

Identified as well as obtained first-time grants from three foundations in a specific “niche” or area of interest at MAP international.

Developed solid relationships with overseas staff at Food for the Hungry who designed new programs which helped increase foundation income from $250,000 to more than $650,000.

Worked with the field staff at World Neighbors in determining their responsibilities in fund raising which improved in-country fund raising activities as well as a $250,000 multiyear grant from the Ford Foundation

Led several tours with Foundation staff and board members to see programs which led to a stronger working relationships and several multiyear grants.