Services - International Fund Raising Strategies

Mark speaking on “Best Practices of Fund Raising in Latin America” at the Day of Philanthropy event in Guadalajara sponsored by the local AFP Chapter

Fund Development Innovations brings over 30 years experience in international related work and a clear understanding of how each country and culture brings variations to the field of fund raising. Although several European countries and the US have the most sophisticated “Third Sector” based on the number of jobs generated by the not for profit sector, each country is at a different point in its philanthropic development.

In Latin America the state and the church have traditionally been the focus of most giving while families focused on their immediate needs and responsibilities. Over the years the field of “corporate responsibility” has grown considerably. And most recently the wealthiest man in the world, Carlos Slim from Mexico, has helped change the perception and role of individual giving by establishing a foundation which gives away more than $50 million per year.

Fund Development Innovation’s President, Mark Walker, has raised funds overseas on several occasions and helped a number of international NGOs develop their respective funding strategies. The Philanthropic Quest offers a tool to determine what motivates donors to give and what their interests are that forms the basis on which “Best Practices” and funding opportunities can be developed. Listening to and motivating the most committed donors with the greatest giving potential can lead to funding opportunities in any country or culture.


Made presentations on “Best Practices of Fund Raising” in Spanish three years, and was on the organizing task force the last two years at the Hemispheric Congress for Fundraising hosted by AFP in Mexico City.

Made a Power Point presentation in Spanish on cross-border funding opportunities for the West Mexico Chapter of AFP in Guadalajara, Mexico for their Day of Philanthropy event.

Worked with international program staff of Food for the Hungry International on fund raising opportunities in Latin America during a retreat in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Made a presentation on “Best Practices for Global Fundraising” at the Make A Wish Foundation International regional conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.