Services - Philanthropic quest

Since 1994, Mark Walker has been involved with a new paradigm for raising funds centered on a concept of philanthropy, which lifts up both the donor and process of philanthropy and, by so doing, transforms the donor as well as the organization they’re involved with.

Central to the “Quest” is a shared vision of the future, which the donor helps to articulate. This vision inspires people with what’s possible and gives them the confidence and energy to make it happen. At the core of this approach is the donor’s quest to make a meaningful contribution to society—rather than the organization’s self-serving “need” for money.

At the heart of the Quest is “appreciative inquiry” which is one of a powerful array of new strength-based approaches available to leaders of charitable organizations. Appreciative inquiry refers to a series of questions used to find out about the successes, about things at their best. We identify what works and find ways to infuse more of it into the organization. The end result of this approach is to help us understand those “life-giving forces” which provide vitality and distinctive competence to an organization.

Here are some of the differences between the “Quest” and more traditional “arm twisting” approaches to fundraising:

The “fund raiser” deals in money—the professional involved with the Quest deals in meaning, knowing that money will follow.

We can create a positive, appreciative and generative dialogue with and among donors.

Rather than incremental advances, we strive for breakthrough philanthropy that sets new standards for the organization.

Quest Successes Include:

Multiple clients include Food for the Hungry, Stop Hunger Now, Greater European Mission, Make A Wish Phoenix Arizona, Mission of Mercy, Christian Care, CFOI (Camps Farthest Out International), Safe Haven, Kyrene School District Foundation, Help4Kidz, Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence