Services - Pre - Campaign Services

When a major capital campaign is contemplated, most organizations resort to the feasibility study, the traditional method of “testing” and “pre-selling” the program.

But a feasibility study may be the worst thing to do. Why? Because conducting the usual study can actually limit your fund-raising potential.

Over the years the fund raising landscape has changed, and the more sophisticated donors have become used to this exercise. They resist being pressured to make a premature commitment.

Many times those who are interviewed had little to do with the development of the program and even fewer have any truly meaningful involvement with the organization.

But now that the organization wants to raise a lot of money, staff profess to be keenly interested in their opinions and advice and expect them to be ready to discuss a seven-figure investment and leadership role.

An alternative to this “arm twisting” approach is to build authentic relationships through the process of the Philanthropic Quest. What we’re searching for is leadership and commitment. The process of the Quest helps identify this leadership and a vision for the future which will be the basis for establishing a viable leadership base to move the campaign forward.


Participated in the interview process of a traditional feasibility study for the YMCA of Tallahassee, Florida as part of Jerold Panas, Young & Partners Inc.

Organized a $1 million Capital Campaign - for World Neighbors for a new Headquarters.

Helped obtain the largest individual gift of $1.4 million for the MAP International 50th Anniversary Campaign