Services - Training / Mentoring Especially the CEO & CDO

Many professionals have learned about the basics of fund raising from Mark Walker just as he was mentored at the beginning of his career. Mark has been an active participant in the AFP Professional Development Partnership Program and has formally mentored three young professionals through this process.

Since the CEOs play an important role in the success of the fund raising process, Mark has also worked closely with four CEOs on their role in the fund raising process, including three that he took to the advanced Jerry Panas seminar, “Seize the Opportunity: Developing a Fail Proof Major Gift Program” which presents the dynamics of a major gift program to senior staff and CEOs. This seminar introduces the “moves management” approach to major gift fund raising and the role of the CEO in this relationship building process that provides the basis on which future mentoring can continue.

The basic steps of the mentoring program include learning the strengths, weaknesses and goals of professionals and providing them with the materials and information they need to develop a new skill set. This process includes on-site and one on one training as well as an introduction to the most useful materials on fundraising. When possible, a specific project or program is designed and implemented by the mentee, - the final report is evaluated and recommendations are made for future development.


Trained three mentees through the AFP mentor program, one of whom went on to become the President of the Board of the Greater Arizona chapter of AFP and the CEO of a local national NGO.

Trained three CEOs, two of whom went on to introduce the “Moves Management” approach to donor cultivation and major gift fund raising to their institutions.

Mentored Kelly Hart at- Food for the Hungry, who became an excellent foundation director and eventually set up a successful consulting firm:

Keith Kerber wanted to make a career change into fund raising so Mark brought him to the Hemispheric Congress of Fund Raising and provided a number of materials and met with him monthly until Keith obtained a direct marketing position at Thunderbird School of Global Management and is a board member of the Greater Arizona Chapter of AFP