Newsletter: March 2019

Earlier this month, the “Godfather of contemporary travel writing,” and author of over 45 fiction and nonfiction works plus 134 essays written over 53 years, Paul Theroux, commented on my article in WorldView, “Living Poor,” and threw out an idea for a future project:

Thanks very much. Your piece about “Living Poor” in WorldView is worthy of the man. A British publisher, Eland Press in London, is reissuing Moritz’s books – they just asked me if they could use my intro for nothing, and in the spirit of Moritz, I said yes. Actually, I think Moritz would have had a big argument with them about money – his letters to publishers were fierce!
Someday, someone has to sit down and gather all his letters and publish them in a big volume. His letters may prove to be his true masterpiece. – All the best, Paul

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