Newsletter: July 2017

Nothing motivates me more than a realization that “Different Latitudes” provided useful information or inspiration to my friends and collaborators as reflected in this recent message from the founder and President of the Namaste Foundation, Bob Graham:

Hi Mark, I enjoyed your book on Kindle and found that it had so many good ideas about fundraising that I also ordered a hard copy to give to our development person. Cheers, Bob

In order to help more of my friends to promote and kick start the charitable groups you represent, I’m offering another “freebie”—the “Philanthropic Quest Tool Kit”. The Quest is a paradigm shift from organizational development leading to breakthrough giving I’ve used with innumerable organizations over the years like Mission of Mercy, “Mark, I deeply appreciate your wisdom and coaching. Not only has MOM been blessed by your gifts, but so have I;” Catherine Amiot, Executive Director of Mission of Mercy and she goes on to announce that $85,000 came out of the first Quest session. The Kit includes an article and power point as well as an invitation letter and agenda I designed for several groups. Read the newsletter . . .



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